Thank you!

The past four years have been something truly magical. We have put our hearts and lives into creating HybridConf for you in hopes we can make a deeply positive impact on your life and our industry.

The event means the world to us – there’s a reason we both have Hybrid tattoos. Despite the overwhelming positive impact on our life, the resources it takes to run are immense. With that in mind it brings us great sadness to tell you we have decided that we will be taking a rest from it and go on an indefinite break. There will not be a Hybrid this year, and we are unsure when the next will be.

If you would like to keep in touch and watch what we do next, follow us at @zachinglis and @teawithlemon to keep up to date. If you need any design or development services, please check out our portfolio. And finally, if you want to make sure to get news if we do ever decide to run Hybrid again, make sure you pop your email address in the box below.

Thank you all for your incredible support. Hybrid could not have existed without you.

Zach & Laura

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