Hybrid Meets... Doc Waller

Doc is an award-winning stage performer, has developed a multitude of original workshops, produced an independent web series, and spoken at TEDx. Now, he’s fully focused on developing his Becoming Possible lifestyle brand.

Hi Doc, thanks for answering our questions. We’re only one week away from Hybrid! How are you feeling about speaking?

If you're asking if I'm nervous - nope. There's always a strange butterfly feeling right before I go on, but I just see that as the body/soul saying "Oh shit, you're about to do what you love to do!" In terms of looking forward to it - absolutely. Coming from a theatre background, I take having an audience very seriously and I'm in love with the opportunity to connect with people from the stage. It really is my favorite thing.

To kick things off, tell us a little bit about your career path up to this point.

Well, I'd describe it as Artist Becomes Creative. Meaning, early on, I dedicated my life to the traditional artistic forms: theatre, poetry, dance, etc. Since around 2012, that's morphed into more of a creative entrepreneurial passion.

My career has just consisted of me following my instincts every step of the way. If it felt right - I did it. No questions. Whether dropping out of college to go into the Air Force, or packing up and moving to NYC to study theatre, or running a nonprofit - deep down, I knew all the parts of my ambition were going to glue into something meaningful and tangible down the road. I knew I had to move on every honest feeling. I was a professional quitter. I knew if I hesitated, the final picture would be distorted.

So, a lot of random attempts that made sense to no one but myself. A lot of sacrifice on the personal life side of things. But, in the end, all the gigs, projects, and randomness led me to my current passion, which is definitely… definitely… a keeper.

You’re relaunching your lifestyle brand Becoming Possible in October. Can you tell us what you’ve got in store?

Yep! My goal is to redefine the value of multimedia content and intimate online community. I want to create a safe "third place" that cultivates modern lifestyle based on our personal ambition and identity. I might actually preview the first exclusive clip of the new brand trailer for the Hybrid audience!

Amazing, we can’t wait to see it! Away from the desk, what powers your creative drive?

Thank you(s). A blunt, straight-forward, honest, gut punching "thank you" from someone looking me directly in the eye and saying that something I created/wrote/said/produced helped them in a very real, human way. That powers my drive.

As we’re all about inspiration here at Hybrid, what’s captured your attention recently and why?

Hands down, I'd have to say the Chef's Table series on Netflix. Not because I'm a foodie, but because the care and patience the production takes with telling a story knocked me on my ass. Made me cry twice. It's such a breath of fresh air from all the bullshit content our society is absorbing these days. It reminded me what it means to stand out.

As creative folk, what do you think we all need to spend a little more time doing?

Having sex, running, jumping into lakes, going to the theatre, cooking from scratch. Anything besides what constitutes as playing the role of creative. That's something we (read: "we") get carried away with. Especially...especially...nothing that highlights how much time we're putting into our creative work. I used to do that - boast about how much time and energy I was putting into my work day in and day out. Until I realized it made me sound like a clown.

FACT: True creatives are always creating because we're creative. We don't pull inspiration from the aspect of work (even though we love it) - we pull from life, from sounds, from stories, from conversations. Real life. I forced it for a very, very long time. I'm still working on it. But the more I trust the fact that I AM a creative, the less I have to BE creative. PLEASE NOTE: I hold the term creative as an endearing noun; like thespian, or SEAL, or coach. It is a very apparent, inescapable thing. Not a phase or job description.

Finally, if you could offer up one little piece of advice to our audience what would it be?

Pursue butterflies. Not the insects - the feeling.