Speak on the Hybrid stage!

Last year we introduced a new feature of HybridConf - Pocket Talks - 5 minute talks given by you, our awesome audience members. The talks were extremely well received last year - lots of attendees listed them as among their favourite presentations - so we're doing the same again this year, and it's now the time for you to apply!

We have four slots available, and you can suggest a talk on whatever topic you like - it can be work-related, personal, or just some thoughts on a random subject of your choosing. All we care about is that it's something you can passionately talk about for five minutes.

Talks are chosen based on the topic only - we anonymise the entries - so feel free to submit as many ideas as you like.

Our pocket talks have now been chosen and applications are closed.

Pocket Talks are for our attendees, so you can only apply if you have a ticket to the conference. However, you are also welcome to apply if you have applied for our Pay It Forward scheme and are awaiting a response.