Ethics & Conduct

We built our event in the spirit of inclusivity. Everything we do is to try and better that inclusivity. We are a diverse group of people, and we welcome everyone who wants to participate in making this industry a better place.

We want to enable you to fulfill your goals. We ask our attendees to help others do the same, in a safe and friendly environment. We strive hard to make everyone happy. We use words that are inclusive, and welcoming, and we avoid words that are exclusive and divisive.

We absolutely do not accept any harassment of any kind. That goes against everything that we try to do for the community.

If there becomes a point where you are negatively affecting someone else within the conference, we reserve the right to ask you to leave without a refund.

If you are feeling harassed, or see someone you think is being harassed, please contact us.

To contact us

If you need help for anything at all, contact a volunteer. If you feel it’s more of an emergency, find the co-organisers Zach Inglis or Laura Sanders. As you may not know what they look like, you may remember them from being on stage at the beginning of the conference. And feel free to ask someone.

There is also the Twitter account which we try to monitor. If none of these options are what you want, you may contact us via email.

This document is still in progress, and suggestions are encouraged.