Thanks to your help, our fund is at £2072!

One of the main reasons we built this conference was to create a more inclusive event. Last year we started a new way for us to do so — our Pay It Forward initiative. With help from your wonderful donations, we were able to give out 6 tickets to guests who make a fantastic contribution to our community but who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend. This year we want to give out even more. For every donation from one of you, we will be matching it to double the amount that goes in the pot - so if you donate £20, we’ll add £20 more for a £40 total. The more we raise, the more free tickets we can give out, so we are extremely grateful for any donations, no matter how large or small.

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If you’d like to add to the fund, just head over to our tickets page and choose the amount you’d like to donate. Thank you!

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Applications for tickets have now closed and tickets have been allocated.