Why Hybrid?

No single event has ever meant more for my personal or professional life than @HybridConf. If you have the opportunity, seriously, come.

Alex Jegtnes

Attended every year

All the delicious food

Filled up with cake and there will still be a break with cake... Only possible @HybridConf

Eva Gehring

Thanks again to @zachinglis and @teawithlemon for another fantastic @HybridConf. The talks were amazing, and I met so many great people!

Dave Kellam

Attended 3 times

Inspiring and exciting talks

What an immense two days. Thank you #HybridConf once again for a much needed mental boost! Thanks all the speakers, you rocked it.

James Young

Had a trememdous time at @HybridConf - I'm legitimately inspired and energized. A+ WOULD CONFER AGAIN

Cameron Diagle

The best talks are the ones that spark ideas & inspiration no matter what your job or discipline may be. Thanks for so many! @HybridConf

Marc Diamond

Super competitive (or not) bowling

I'm so excited about EVERYTHING since @HybridConf totally inspired the shit out of me

Vic Bell

Hybrid helped me to realise that everything was going to be alright :)

Emma Karayiannis

Attended twice

Meet tons of new friends and get a better support network

"There's so much hugging going on at this conference." Yeah there fucking is. Welcome to @HybridConf.

Chad Tomkiss

Permanent resident and chief hugger

Awesome local coffee

Words can't express how wonderful @HybridConf is. @zachinglis & @teawithlemon, thank you for being the incredible beings that you are <3.

Roxie Ablett

Has a HybridConf tattoo

Free drinks of all kinds

Also wow @HybridConf is so close and I have the days booked out so no work and I am just so gosh darn excited to reset and cuddle my m8s

Scott Riley

Attended every year

Some rad speakers at what I hear is the friendliest, most community driven conference there is. Can't wait.

Dan Kolodgee

Awesomely talented international lineup

2016 resolution of 'not missing @HybridConf like a doofus' has been achieved... just a little excited :D

Jon Pearse

Friendly and welcoming audience

Thanks @HybridConf. You were full of warmth, openness, and authenticity. Community at its best #hybridconf

Allison House

Thank you @HybridConf for letting me be my true self and talk about emotions. I had a great time!

Meg Lewis

Pocket Talk speaker

Plenty of tasty treats

I think I got it. @HybridConf is full of 'why not try' & 'play with this' where as most conferences are like 'do it this or that way'

Stu Robson

Attended 3 years

All kind of nervous about this, to be speaking alongside such talented people is truly humbling & equally scary

Dan Edwards

Everyone welcome

I feel incredibly inspired to change how I work, learn and contribute to this community. Thank you @HybridConf <3

Ray O'Neill

Berlin tech folks, @hybridconf tickets just went on sale. Beyond excitd! Best conference ever. You leave with lifetime friends <3

Cat Noone

It's wonderful to be prepping Qs for a conference and not have to strain to find top-notch female speakers to interview. Nice. @HybridConf

Elaine Burke

Silicon Republic Editor

At this point @HybridConf feels like summer camp where I get to have fun and see all my friends again! Can't wait!

Meg Lewis

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